Thuringer wald – Unesco World Heritage

Germany – Thuringer Wald – Unesco World Heritage Forrest
(map source: kaart-thueringer-wald.html)

Thüringer Wald en Rennsteig

Program at the end of the page.

After a warm winter spell, quite poor snow conditions remained. Still great walking.

march 2, 2019: trip to Stutzerbach.

march 3: train to Rennsteig, no busses present!
Walking to Rennsteig Alte Tranke around Gr. Finsterberg, Freibachtal around Rosenkopf to hotel in Stutzerbach.

march 4: by car to Schmucke. Walking around Teufelskreis, Meininger hutte, direction of Dorrkopf, direction south and west to Grosser Beerberg, then Oost Suhlerhutte, north towards Schneekopf plus strudel, on from Teufelskanzel to Schmucke.

march 5: via Suhl, Steinbach-hallenberg to Oberschongau. Parking and hike uphill to the Rennsteig with  heavy trailing in the snow. Backtracking because of to hard conditions without snowshoes. Our goal Falkenstein Fels was too far. Back to the car and ride to Dietharz-Tambach. Parking and visiting the  small canyon of Marderbachklamm. 3 Times spotting of deer in the forest here. Along a large water reservoir back to the car.  In the afternoon back with the car via Oberhof to Stutzerbach.

march 6: moring drive to  Grosser Dreiherrenstein nearby.  Flapperen (=snowshoewalking in Dutch 🙂 ) in nature reserve (NSG) Marktal. By car via Goldisthal to Siegmundsburg; parking in Friedrichshohe agian at the ‘Rennsteig’. Flapperen around Schweinsberg. Great fun. There was no coffee to get anywhere, because cafes were closed, on holiday, dead, abandoned, empty or whatever. So we rode back to Stutzerbach.

The End.