Duivenfamilie in de voortuin.

Second time all chicks survived!

Italy- following the Alps to the south -Piemonte

Exploring new regions. walking, Driving narrow roads in the mountans, looking for a house to live.


Oostvaardersplassen with pupils from school.

Oostvaardersplassen bezoek met collega’s en leerlingen van mijn school. Jorismavo.nl

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Short snowy winterspell in Sauerland

4 Days – 1 night camping and 2 in a Gasthof – Lots of walking and enjoying the snow!

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First winterscapes in Lent.

Eindelijk (?) winterstart in Lent. Vorst en rijp.  Click the pic!

Diepholzer Moorniederung Cranes!

2 Days in the cold with cranes and more. Last day before migration to France and Apain!

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Autumn hike in Southern Germany at the Swiss border. The famous black forrest or Schwarzwald. Schluchtensteig across rivers, steep slopes, a lot of forrest, big trees and very few people. Beautifull and warm!

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Mechelen Zuid-Limburg

Autumn weekend with friends from the famous Josclub. In ancient grainmill at the river Geul.

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