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Welcome at Ecopic Photography

Ecopic Photography is a personal photo site. So you will find many photos. But there is also some background information available.

On the menus:

  • The Photo galleries menu and Home page (click the logo!) displays all so called portfolio categories. The menu gives the same choices as the click-able images in the screen.
  • The Blog/all posts tab brings you the WordPress look with all recent and older contributions to this site. Single photos and small photo sets can be found here.
  • The More info tab gives you some Travel stories and info on several tropical countries that I visited.
  • At the Contact tab you will find a contact form
  • The Search tab is interesting. You can search photos based on image labels or tags. Works almost as I want it.
  • The Shopping Cart tab is for those who want to buy a photo print. This feature is not yet working!
  • The RSS icon provides a link to get RSS feeds. I do not like all the social buttons to be visible all the time!

On the photos:

  • As an ecologist I like to name things like plants and animals, so what I found on nomenclature, will be displayed. Feel free to contact me for corrections in nomenclature.
  • All non-tropical photos are digital, made with a Nikon D-70 camera.
  • Most tropics photos were made as slides of which many were affected by fungus during my stay in the tropics. They were all scanned and will be replaced by higher quality photos if possible or ERASED from existence.
  • As a former nature travel agency owner, I had collected a lot of ecological information on several tropical countries. It felt as a waste to do nothing with it, so I put in in the for mentioned Tropical Country Info section.