Lechtal snowshoe walking

Between green valleys there were still snow covered mountains in the beautiful Lechtal in Tirol Austria.

Hiking up into the mountains, revealed fantastic snowcapes.  Enjoy! Click the pic.

Hautes Fagnes snowscape

Short winter visit of Belgium moorplateau (Hautes Fagnes at Mont Rigi and Baraque Michelle) and a few shots around my birthtown Sittard.

Click the trees to cover them in snow!

Water and winter in Lent (home)

Click the swans for more photos. We had river flooding and icy weather.

Autumn brake

Two nights in Eiffel (Germany) and Hautes Fagnes (Belgium Ardennes).

Klik HERE.

Summer in Scandinavia.

Almost 3 weeks on route in Scandinavia. With the minicamper Kangoo overland through Denmark and taking the boat from Hirthals to Kristansand. Then crisscross through southern Norway, camping wild and on campsites, walking short and longer trails with overnight camping in tent. Always pretty lucky with the weather, rain just had stopped or started while leaving an area.
Crossing the Swedish border to go to the province of Varmland to visit friends near the village of Sunne.

Then through southern Sweden, a few nature reserves and via the famous Bridge at Malmo to Rodby taking the ferry to German Puttgarden. Driving back home by car with many heavy showers and sunny spells.  All together a long trip, approx. 5000 km.

A longer travellog can be downloaded, in Dutch, HERE (vak-dk-no-se-23)

There are much more photos to be seen, but I can not put them all online off course. 🙂

Here is the gallery. There is an extra bird gallery, from the puffin colony at Runde-Norway

Normandic coast north of Le Havre

5 Days exploring the Cretaceous rocks and landscapes between Boulogne and Le Havre by foot and on the racingbicycle.  Its is called: Côte d’Albâtre (albasten kust). Albast is a form of gypsum.
Click HERE for the gallery.

De Bruuk

Most likely a buzzard, but I hoped it was something else. More pictures HERE

Area info HERE

Duivenfamilie in de voortuin.

Second time all chicks survived!